Litelok set to launch ‘ultimate’ e-bike lock – Litelok Core

Litelok is set to launch the ‘ultimate’ e-bike lock, the Litelok Core, with patented and highly secure lock technology built for optimum usability and peace of mind.

It will be available from and leading bike specialists across the UK and EU from 22nd November.

As e-bikes become the ride of choice, the style of bikes being bought are changing, their value increasing and the need to secure them is more important than ever. In the UK alone, e-bike ownership has doubled in the last year and average retail prices increased by 27%3 overall. However, unlike traditional bike designs, e-bikes typically have larger frame sizes to accommodate their battery and motor and come in widely varying shapes. This often means conventional rigid U/D locks are unable to fit through the frame when locking up, whilst secure chains are often too heavy and difficult to carry.

To overcome these problems, Litelok has created the ‘world’s lightest, wearable diamond-rated bicycle lock’. Litelok Core is the ‘ultimate’ e-bike companion, designed to provide layers of security to deter thieves and keep your ride safe. It bends and flexes to lock around any frame, can be mounted onto the bike for carrying or can be safely worn whilst riding with a Universal Wearable Kit (UWK).

Litelok Core has already received a Red Dot Design 2021 Award4 for “perfectly meeting the requirements for a security lock that is simultaneously lightweight while offering the most effective protection possible against theft.” Litelok Core is built using aerospace grade stainless steel, a plant-based polymer made from biomaterials, and patented composite materials all built in-house in the UK.

Litelok’s latest patented lock technology Boaflexicore Plus combines a multi-filament inner core for tensile strength, fine grain steel exoskeleton to absorb energy during attack, corrosion-resistant and weatherproof plant-based polymer and an abrasion-resistant braided outer sleeve. Joined to a hardened steel in-line lock casing with drill resistant stainless steel rivets and pick-resistant disc detainer style lock, Litelok has constructed the ‘ultimate’ e-bike lock.

Professor Neil Barron, Litelok founder and CEO, said: “After being fed up with having to carry around heavy locks, I thought there must be a way to create highly secure portable bike locks. Litelok Core is a complete reengineering of Litelok’s existing locks and takes its place at the pinnacle of lightweight lock engineering.”

Professor Barron is well-versed in the world of engineering and design. As a qualified aeronautical engineer (Rolls-Royce aero engines) as well as an alumnus from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, he combined his passions for cycling, engineering and design by creating a solution previously unheard of; lightweight, flexible and secure bike locks.

Litelok Core has been tested and accredited by UK and EU industry experts and awarded the highest Sold Secure rating possible: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond and ART3. Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond exceeds Sold Secure Gold5 and meets the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ of Secured by Design (SBD).

The new lock boasts the following features:

‘Litelok’s Boaflexicore Plus strap is built with multiple layered protection to withstand aggressive and sustained attack. From the outside there’s a braided outer sleeve, rugged plant-based polymer shock absorbent layer, hardened aerospace grade steel exoskeleton and high tensile steel core which is joined to an aerospace grade hardened steel inline lock body.’

‘The patented exoskeleton not only absorbs energy from attack and protects the high tensile steel core within, but it also flexes in sync to retain maximum flexibility without compromising on security.’

‘When it comes to weight, Litelok Core is unparalleled in its security class and up to 50% lighter than most other high-security locks. Starting at just 1.9kg (4.2lb), say goodbye to hauling heavy chains whilst riding.’

‘For cyclists, Core comes with a Universal Wearable Kit which allows them to safely carry their lock whilst riding and can be adjusted to a wide range of sizes. Thanks to its lightweight design, it is barely noticeable while carrying and so riders can choose to wear their lock, mount it or pack it.’

Click to lock: 
‘An integrated design and click-to-lock system make it easy and fast to secure your bike, without having to fiddle around. Simply click to close without the need for a key. A key is only required to unlock your lock.’

Thanks to its growth, Litelok has been able to open new manufacturing facilities in the UK and a distribution centre in the Netherlands. Litelok is helping to boost the economy and local community thanks to its team of passionate bikers and cyclists, and collaborates with material scientists at Swansea University and other Universities to advance its technical know-how. This, combined with its rapid expansion, has led to the company winning an award from Fast Growth 50 Wales 20216.

The Litelok Core will be available in a range of three colours (Blaze Orange, Crow Black or Boa Green) and two lengths (75cm or 100cm) for bicycles. Retail pricing starts at £119.99 and will be available from and leading bicycle specialists across the UK and EU from 22nd November.

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