There now follows a commercial interlude demonstrating why youd have to be bonkers to miss out on advertising in the BikeBizBible. Weve yet to do a pukka mail out for B3 yet the back covers gone already. Suppliers and IBDs who want to get noticed should read on...

List blitz

The BikeBizBible B3 for short will be out by the summer and is going to be 260+ pages of highly-relevant, exceedingly accurate and brilliantly useful information. With a live link up to this here website, B3 will also be an evolving publication with weekly updates posted online.

Suppliers, you cant afford to miss out on appearing in the directory that will be used by everybody in the trade every day of the week. Produced to the same high standards as BicycleBusiness, B3 will be sent free to 2500 addresses making it the most thumbed publication in the trade.

IBDs, why not make your entry stand out from the crowd? For just pennies per week you could promote yourself to suppliers. Sounds daft but were already booking ads from IBDs who know a good thing when they see one.

Here are seven good reasons why B3 should be a key part of your promotional schedule:

Bang up to date

Well shortly be doing a data checking mail out to 5000+ addresses. Well also be asking for email and web addresses, making B3 a vital port of call for online marketeers.

Free and highly targetted

B3 will be sent free of charge to the BicycleBusiness distribution list of 2500 IBDs, suppliers, and bike journalists. It will not be available to the public so your ads can be as tradey as you like.


A5 in size and spiral bound. Spiral binding is a lot more expensive than perfect binding but will make B3 easy to handle and perfect for laying out flat when contacting one of the addresses in the book.

Fully WWW searchable

A pre-release version of B3 is going on this website soon. The data checked version will be posted to the site in June, will be updated every week and will be in the public access part of our website. The online B3 will be a database, not a PDF file, so will be live and fully searchable. A PDF file is simply a facsimile of a printed page and the whole file has to be PC downloaded, not very convenient.

Year round exposure

An ad in B3 is superb value for money, bringing you leads all year long (a bit like those dental care adverts where the toothpaste carries on working throughout the day)!

Dead useful

As well as 1800 shops theres a full listing of suppliers plus a brand name finder. Theres also a further 2500 addresses of pertinent and useful organisations such as cycle race bodies, government departments, transport consultants, and advocacy groups.


The constantly updated statistics available on this website will be printed in B3 too.

And now the sweeteners…

Take a display ad and get yourself up on our hugely-popular website for free. This can link to your website and will be online for two months, a package worth £270!

Book a series of three or more adverts in BikeBiz and get a tasty 25 percent knocked off your B3 ad!


Tel: 0191 285 4408

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