'Cycling Mobility' magazine will feature examples of 'best practice' infrastructure and will be supported by an iPad/iPhone app

Launch nears for global mag on cycling policy

Published by a German company, in English, and with a UK-based editor, ‘Cycling Mobility’ is a new, quarterly magazine aimed at cycling officers, urban planners, architects and politicians.

20,000 copies of the first edition will be printed and distributed by trade publisher Verlag Moderne Industrie of Landsberg, Germany.

Editor Ross Ringham, based in Kent, said:

"The magazine will bring together best practice case studies and technical information from around the world to offer a business information channel for those interested in implementing better cycling mobility in their towns or cities."

The first copy is due to go to press soon, with a website launch also due soon [UPDATE: website is now live at cyclingmobility.com]. ‘Cycling Mobility’ will also have an app for use on iPads and iPhones.

The magazine will be launched at two events in March, the National Bike Summit in Washington and the Velo-City conference in Seville. 

CTC campaigns and policy director Roger Geffen welcomed the magazine:

"There is a real need to boost awareness in Britain of the importance of quality cycle-friendly planning and design, and how best to deliver it.

"It is also important to realise that ‘best practice’ from one country won’t necessarily work in another country with very different traffic laws and driver behaviour. For instance, if you simply copy and paste the best of Dutch cycle planning and assume British drivers will give way to cyclists at junctions just like Dutch drivers do, you risk things going horribly wrong.

"Inspiring ideas from other countries need to be related to the local context."

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