IAM responds to campaign for European legislation on improving blind spots

‘HGV safety is cyclist responsibility too’

Following the campaign for a new European law to improve HGV safety, the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has called on cyclists to use common sense around HGVs.

Team GB cyclist Rebecca Romero backed the campaign to get MEPs to consider a written declaration on HGV safety, which proposed that new trucks should be fitted with the latest blind spot equipment to improve the safety of cyclists. Around 400 people are killed every year as a result of HGV blind spots, with cyclists among the most at risk groups.

Duncan Pickering, IAM cycling development manager, said: “While any move to improve the safety of cyclists on our roads is a good thing, it is important that we don’t forget that cyclists also have a big part to play in their own safety.

“Prevention is better than cure, and cyclists should never pull up on the nearside of larger vehicles such as HGVs, especially when the larger vehicle is likely to turn left. These vehicles have different turning paths to cars, and the cyclist could quickly find themselves running out of space.

"We also advise cyclists to position themselves at least a metre from the kerb when moving, to improve their visibility to other road users, and to give more space to avoid drain covers and potholes.”

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