Donna Tocci is getting lots of media name-checks at the moment. She's the Kryptonite spokeswoman quoted in hundreds of news-site articles syndicated across the US and beyond. She believes Kryptonite has acted as swiftly as it could, given the circumstances.

Kryptonite was not too slow to respond to consumer attacks, says Tocci

Stung by criticism that it took too long for Kryptonite to respond to the growing tide of criticism about the Bic trick on and other sites, Tocci said the company had to spend time on working out the logistics of its upgrade package.

"The internet is fast. It’s quite easy to jot a few words down in an email or on a website. However, it takes a few days to put together the operational end of the program we have set in place. We need to be able to roll out any plan we have in place exactly the way we say we will, when we say we will.

"We acted as swiftly as we could," said Tocci.

"We feel we have a good plan in place for our customers that we can effectively implement. Remember, we are still the only company, that I know of, that has even responded to this concern."

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