The Italian bicycle builder, exhibiting at the EICMA cycle show in Milan, is displaying a star machine, the limited edition President LdV, named after Leonardo Da Vinci. Colnago said Da Vinci was the "inventor of the bicycle," which will tickle those folks who know this particular version of history has long been revealed as a hoax.

Colnago duped by hoax

"Da Vinci was a genius…he came up with the basic concept of the bicycle five hundred years ago," Ernesto Colnago told at the EICMA Milano show. [Note: Cyclingnews removed this quote after this story was pointed out to them].…/part1

Da Vinci sketched many things in his time, but the bicycle was not one of them.

The bicycle-like sketch once attributed to Da Vinci was "discovered" in 1974 during the restoration of Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus.

Scholars have known the sketch to be a forgery since the mid-1990s.

There’s an interesting history of the hoax here:…/leonardo%20da%20vinci%20bicycle.html

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