When customers bring in their older helmet - from any brand - they get a cut price Vertigo

KASK launches helmet amnesty

KASK has launched a bike helmet amnesty initiative in the UK and Ireland with the intention of encouraging riders to give their helmets a routine check.

Cyclists that take an old helmet, of any brand, to a bike shop between July 5th and August 31st will be able to buy a new KASK Vertigo for just £100. The Vertigo is the company’s current flagship helmet and has an RRP of £165.

KASK is used by Team Sky and Rapha Condor JLT.

“Modern helmets are incredibly robust and should last for five years, but even in the hands of the most careful owners, over time they are at risk of getting bumped, dropped and knocked and this can lead to unnoticed damage to the polystyrene compression layer,” said KASK CEO Angelo Gotti.

“They’re the most important thing we wear when cycling, so we want people to start thinking about helmets more and to start giving them a routine check – as they would their chain, their tyres or their brakes.”

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