DOT-certified Shiva comes to market.

Kali Protectives (finally) launch lightweight Shiva full-face MTB lid

Kali Protectives of California has finally launched the long-promised Shiva full-face MTB helmet. The Shiva might be a lightweight but it has passed tough DOT certification which involves a higher drop test, a stiffer chin bar, and an additional penetration test compared to other standards. The DOT penetration test is designed to simulate crashing into a pointed object like a curb, peg, or handlebar.

The shell and foam on the Shiva is one piece, rather than being glued or taped together.

Kali’s Bryan Mason said: "We consider ourselves to be industry leaders in innovation, so we’ve continued to evolve our manufacturing process by introducing a unique multi density foam liner. With the use of geometric shapes, our foam liner helps to spread impact loads over a larger surface area, and better absorbs medium to big hits. We combined this multi density foam with a softer layer around the head for lower speed impacts."


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