Just in time for Christmas: the autobiography of Trott and Kenny

Michael O’Mara Books has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights for a joint autobiography by Laura Trott and Jason Kenny. The book will be published in hardback on 10th November.

Through an integrated narrative Trott and Kenny will retrace the steps of their journeys to gold-medal success at the Olympics. There will also be a breakdown of their training regimes. 

This combined autobiography will have cycling’s golden couple sharing how they compete in the same sport, and how this impacts their daily lives. It will compare their different experiences of competing at junior level, and explore the roles of family, friends and relationships along the way that led them to the senior circuit, to meeting each other and falling in love.

Reliving their individual successes at the World, European and Commonwealth Championships and the Olympic performances which cemented their positions at the very top of their sport, Trott and Kenny will also explain what keeps them motivated, their future aspirations and how they hope to inspire the next generation.

"This book will reveal for the first time the people behind the medals and will entertain, encourage and inspire anyone that picks it up," said a statement from Michael O’Mara Books.

Trott said: "After all that happened in Rio this feels like the perfect time to tell our story. It’s been great looking back at what we have done, and looking deep into what makes us tick both as individual athletes and together as a team."

Clare Tillyer, publisher at Michael O’Mara Books said: "I am excited to be working with Laura and Jason on their autobiography, a truly unique project that will bring together the professional and personal lives of two of the country’s favourite athletes."

The couple’s agent Luke Lloyd Davies, CEO of Rocket Sports Management, said: "They are a sporting phenomenon, a love story and a medal machine all rolled into one."

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