Is this the best bicycling beer ad in the world? Probably not

Carlsberg has rolled out a £15m advertising campaign stressing its Danish roots. The campaign – called "the Danish Way" – includes a TV ad featuring Mads Mikkelsen, star of Casino Royale and TV series Hannibal. Mikkelsen is shown riding a bike in various whimsical Danish settings, including clocking-off time in Copenhagen.

The 60-second ad was produced by the Fold7 agency.

"Many say we Danes are one of the world’s happiest nations," states the ad. "So what’s our secret?" Well, it’s not the beer, because that’s brewed in the UK. Must be the bikes, then.

While it’s great to see practical, everyday cycling used in a TV ad, this is not the world’s best ever ad featuring beer and a cyclist. That would have to be "Alternative Fuels”, a TV ad for Miller Lite produced by Errol Morris in 2003.

Watch it, it’s glorious.

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