Last week, the Calderdale road safety officer created a stir by blaming child cyclists hit by cars and, without a shred of irony, went on to wonder whether "there can be any bigger killer and crippler of children than the humble bicycle?" Now, the Institute of Road Safety Officers has issued a statement to

IRSO responds to “killer bikes” press release

Neither condemning or supporting the Calderdale press release, Mark Oldfield, the PR officer for IRSO, said:

"IRSO, the professional body for road safety practitioners, recognises the issues highlighted in this article. We also recognise the need to promote safety while encouraging non-car travel. Potentially working towards two different targets, casualty reduction and sustainable travel professionals cannot work in isolation of each other.

"We need to take into account our broader transportation targets and work together to achieve these. This is one of the key requirements in the second round of local transport plans."

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