DfT study reveals far-reaching benefits of putting cash into bike infrastructure

Investment in cycling pays back three-to-one

Investment in cycling more than pays for itself – to the tune of three-to-one – according to studies made by the Department for Transport.

Based on conservative assumptions, for every pound spent on cycling the Government benefits by three pounds. If the benefits are sustained over 30 years the benefit to cost ratio may be as high as five or six-to-one.

The DfT findings come from the results of the first three years of the Cycling Demonstration Towns programme. The average increase in cycling across the intitial six towns was 27 per cent between 2005 and 2009.

The six towns also saw the proportion of pupils cycling to school more than double – increasing by 126 per cent – achieved through the work of Bike It officers, funding by Bike Hub and Cycling England. 

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