Average imported price of a bike rose in 2009

Bicycle imports into UK down 12%

Bicycle imports into the UK dropped by 12 per cent last year, according to the Bicycle Association of Great Britain.

The figure is a recovery for the number of imports, which were reportedly down in the first half of 2009 by a far more substantial 29 per cent.

In the same year, the average imported price of a bike rose by 15 per cent.

According to Bicycle Association president Philip Taylor, that average price increase could be seen as a sign of the UK’s consumers turning their back on industry-controversial BSOs (bike shaped objects).

At the BA Annual General Meeting last month, Taylor said: “Not only did cycle usage increase, but also the average imported price of a bicycle in 2009 rose too by almost 15 per cent.

"This may, at first glance, not appear good news for our industry, but on the other hand it may signify that the bicycle market in the UK is beginning to mature and that consumers are becoming more aware that quality bicycles provide a far better and safer cycling experience than the cheap and cheerful, almost disposable, variety offered by discount supermarkets.”

To read a full report from the BA AGM, head here.

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