Would be thief will never have direct access to the chamber with unique design.

Inventor creates ‘unpickable’ bike lock

An entreprenuer has come up with what he says is an ‘unpickable’ bike lock, thanks to a clever mechanism that never gives full access to the chamber.

The key is inserted into a blank barrel, which with a few twists and turns of the outer housing frees the shackle, as shown in the below video.

Having posted the video to a lock picking forum, the creator (Marduk28) has left many stumped as to how they’d go about tackling the hidden chamber.

The creator said on his YouTube page: "I have been authorized to distribute only a very few number of these locks when they are made available. After that I may have more opportunities to release additional units based on demand. However, the first batch will not be available from the manufacturing plant for about another 1-2 months. At this time, I am only a small businessman and production of this lock is not optimized."

The price is likely to be around $140.

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