There's a new blog to read: Shut Up And Drink The Kool-Aid. "Why on earth would I want to do a blog about Marketing/PR in the bicycle industry?" asks site founder Tim Jackson of Masi Bicycles. "Because I love bicycles, the sport, the industry and even marketing/PR itself. Plus, I know a lot of smart and savvy people in the marketing world, both in and out of the bike industry, and a lot of other brainiacs. I figured this would give us all a chance to share our thoughts on the things we do and don't like about advertising, marketing and PR efforts in the cycling world. From the US to anywhere in the world, there are lots of good and bad efforts being made to get people onto bikes or into cycling."

Into bikes? Into PR/marketing? Into them both?

Today the blog leads with an article from Haro’s brand manager in the US, Jill Hamilton:

"Welcome to the bike industry…where the model years just keep coming earlier and earlier. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to release their new models as early as May; a full seven months before the end of the year. Just like I do at Christmas, it really leaves me wondering what the reward is. Seems like everyone loses and nobody wins, to me. Dealers certainly don’t win."

The blog was created in November and is getting up to 400 unique visitors a day.

While created by Tim Jackson of Masi, the blog has a bunch of contributors.

These are:

Donna Tocci, PR manager for Kryptonite. "She’s a damned smart lady with a lot of incredible experience and knowledge in the PR/marketing world," said Jackson.

"One of the main reasons I wanted to invite her to the party is because of her non-cycling background. For all of her cycling knowledge, passion and experience, she doesn’t "come from the cycling world" so to speak."

Chris Cashbaugh, marketing manager at SOG Knives, "a devout bike nerd."

Karl Wiedemann, marketing manager at Pedro’s. "Karl’s view on things will be cool, since Pedro’s has been very good at their marketing efforts for such a long time," said Jackson.

Jill Hamilton, brand manager of Haro MTBs. "Prior to taking that role a few weeks ago, she was the marketing manager for Haro and also handled all of the teams and riders. Oh yeah, and she’s got a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing."

She was the number one US women’s DH Expert rider in 2001 and then rode pro in 2002.

Tim Grahl, operates the Crooked Cog Network of cycling blogs/sites. "Tim’s Blue Collar MTB is one of the most trafficked and influential MTB sites around."

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