Foldable Kevlar bead tyre weighs in at only 690 grams

Intense brings Micro Knobby to market

Intense Tyre of Systems has announced the arrival of a 26 x 2.25 version of the Micro Knobby Tyre. The popular BMX tyre is now available for the 26-inch rider with a foldable Kevlar Bead and a single ply, light weight casing.

The Micro Knobby features Intense Tyres C3 Homegrown Rubber Compound, which is ideal for riding styles as diverse as trails, skate parks, cross country, four Cross, and on soft or hard packed dirt.

The Micro-Knobby has more than 7,500 ‘knobby’s’ per tyre and they are ramped for a super fast rolling feel with very low resistance, yet still provide incredible grip. Each Micro Knobby 26-inch unit weighs in at 690 grams. The tyres come packaged in a re-usable mesh bag with a recycled header card.

The Intense Micro Knobby 26-inch will retail fro around £20 when it comes to market and can be found in stock at VSI and dealers world wide.

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