www.riderownedstores.co.uk lists those stores that give back to the riding community

Independent BMX trade bands together to create ‘support your local’ site

The independent BMX trade has banded together in force to create a consumer awareness site that promotes only stores that give back to the riding scene.

Omitting any online discounters, the website currently has between 20 to 30 stores listed, all of which have legitimate claims to be putting "something back into the BMX scene."

Started by Notion store owner Richard Rowlands, the website now hopes to demonstrate the importance of independent retail to the consumer. In an interview with Ride UK, Rowlands said: "There’s many stores out there, some of which are run by guys who hung up their bike a long time ago, whose dedication to moving the BMX scene forwards is what really matters to them. It’s been hard to pinpoint these guys, as often the work they do and have done goes unnoticed. If just a few riders check out the site and decide to support what matters then we’ll be pleased."

A full interview can be found on this month’s issue of Ride UK on pages 46 and 47.


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