This month WiZZBiKE owner John Simnett gets in the saddle with BikeBiz...


What bikes do you own?
Years ago I owned loads of bikes for sport and racing. Now it’s mostly a Brompton for meetings and social, or one of our hire bikes. We have a 6.9 Trek Madone in store and I drool over it every day.

How long have you been cycling?
Since about four years of age, so that’s 55 years. I did a solo 1,200-mile ride round Britain at 16 and look back fondly as it doesn’t hurt any more.

What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?
Did you say rush or rash? It’s those long rides again.

Can you tell us about the WiZZBiKE Foundation?
We provide assessments for people with disabilities, young and old, and keep a wide range of demo trikes and specialist bikes to ensure people get the right product. Our aim is to add some freedom to sometimes difficult lives. Check out

Are there any plans to expand your stores?
We already have: three in under three years and more to come, but only one in the High Street (Brentford). We work with larger organisations to promote and develop cycling in-house and the business is expanding.

Tell us something we didn’t know about WiZZBiKE:

Once upon a time there was a gang of bike warriors who roamed West London transforming the populous into happy cyclists. They spread the word ‘til everyone up and down the land was singing the WiZZBiKE song. Oh, and we expanded our great range of cycle cards.

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