Upstart north London distributor looking to broaden reach of Italian bike labels in the UK

Impact Cycle Trading seeking Fondriest and Torpado dealers

Impact Cycle Trading is relatively new on the scene. How did the business come about?
Impact Cycle Trading was incorporated earlier this year. The business was founded by Brian Stanwyck (previously involved with Viner), who could see that Fondriest was not being promoted or supported properly in the UK. Since we started promoting the brand, we have had significant interest.
Between us we have about 12 to 14 years experience of the bike business. We are both cyclists, with Brian being more of a racer, and me more of a longer distance rider. We have both done Etapes, and I have done LeJoG in five days, twice. I also rode London to Paris last year in 23 hours.

Where are you based and how can the trade open an account with you?
The company is based in North East London, but that is largely academic, as we are simply a distributor and can deliver the product to where it is needed. To open an account with us just drop us an email, or telephone us on 020 8123 5314.

What brands do you offer and what drew you to them?
At the moment we are focusing our attention on Fondriest and Torpado. We were drawn to them because they represent great Italian design and heritage. The Fondriest road bikes are striking in their looks, as well as being excellent technically. Maurizio Fondriest, the former world champion, World Cup and Milan-San Remo winner, is heavily involved in the design of the bicycles.
Torpado is a 100-year old brand in Italy, with a huge range of bikes. Having supported a pro road team in 11 Giros in the middle of the last century, they now have a winning mountain bike team.

Are there any further label additions in the pipeline?
At the moment there are no plans to add any more brands, as we want to concentrate on getting Fondriest and Torpado known. Having said that, we are always open to new ideas.

Will we see ICT at any trade or consumer shows going forwards?
We have no more shows planned for this year, but plan to be at some, starting in January 2013.

What’s the long-term plan for the business?
The long-term plan is to continue to build the brands here in the UK and also to have a successful and thriving dealer network.

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