Benefit in terms of cash that is. So says Sandrine Frimpong of an affiliate management scheme that's promoting Neovite, a New Zealand power-packed dairy powder that could make IBD's online customers faster, stronger, fitter. IBDs place cycle-specific Neovite banner ads on their sites and earn commission from any sales generated on Neovite's UK site. Or retail packs of the powder can be bought direct from the importer.

IBD websites could benefit from taking dairy supplements

Neovite is powdered, pasteurised, BSE-free colostrum.

Colostrum is the nutrient-rich liquid produced by all lactating mammal mothers just before their milk kicks in.

Dairy farmers around the world have drank colostrum for thousands of years. Masai warriors in Kenya swear by the stuff and colostrum is often used by Australian athletes (a top recommendation if there ever was one…)

But don’t the ickle-wickle calves need this colostrum more than warriors, athletes and farmers? Not according to the Neovite folk: "The amount taken is surplus to the needs of the calf. No suffering is incurred by the cow or calf in the production of neovite."

Cyclists seeking to gain in power and strength, and Neovite’s other claimed benefits, need to take more grammes of the stuff than sedentary adults. A month’s supply for an Aussie track star would cost £100+.

Neovite is only available from the B2C website of the UK importer. To carry Neovite’s banner ads, you need to become a member of the Affiliates Future programme. Sign-up is free and commissions are generated when referrals from your site buy from Neovite’s site.

Sign up at…/affiliates.asp

IBDs wishing to stock Neovite, at 25 percent margins, should call 0208 674 6286.

More info on Neovite can be found at

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