The new Moulton Speed/New Series RG is the baby of Richard Grigsby - hence the RG tag -and the rather expensive bike is available via Grigsby's shop, Avon Valley Cyclery of Bath

IBD Moulton fan produces signature bike

It’s not just premium lagers that can be reassuringly expensive. The Moulton RG tops out at £5500. But this isn’t a stunt: 20+ bikes will likely to be sold to the fiercely loyal clan of Moulton enthusiasts.

The RG is based on the existing spaceframe construction with a ‘pylon’ seat support but has been specced with drop handlebars, a double chainset, a new hydralastic suspension unit on the rear and carbon-fibre forks.

It also benefits from a full width rear hub and Dr. Schoch paintwork which looks like the standard Moulton ‘colour’ but flares metalised purple in bright sunlight.

Dr Alex Moulton – present at the first day of ICC – has designed a cute little gizmo to accomodate the straight push front derailleur.

Dr Moulton told that the RG model is the bike equivalent of a Mini Cooper:

"Richard has produced a hotted-up version of my bike. Beautiful isn’t it?"


Top: Richard Grigsby’s legs spinning his RG around the ICC test track. Note the carbon forks.

Right: Richard Grigsby (left) with Dr Alex Moulton

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