All three indicators on the online BikeBiz barometer show a downward trend for business confidence from British IBDs. The dip in year-on-year results and expectations for the next few months comes at the same time as England is gripped by footy fever and intermittant rain keeps would-be cyclists indoors.

IBD confidence slips as footy rumbles on and UK weather remains unsettled

To see the latest barometer results – and that rather alarming, steady dip in confidence over the past six weeks – go to

After excellent trading results in early Spring, when the weather was unseasonably fine, sales via IBDs have tailed off. Summer trading has yet to kick in with a vengence, partly because of the variable weather.

However, it’s early days yet and with good weather predicted for the rest of the summer, it’s expected the barometer graph will assume an upwards trend by the time of the next fortnightly snapshot of how IBDs are faring.


Paul Rundle, the BikeBiz coder, is currently working on a parallel barometer for UK suppliers and the results for this would be tracked alongside the IBD barometer. And wouldn’t it be instructive if somehow weather stats could be placed on the same graph – would the peaks and troughs mirror the highs and lows of barometric pressure?


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