Hutchinson launches new #HerOwnStory campaign to increase women’s participation in cycling

French tyre brand Hutchinson Cycling Dpt has launched a new campaign called #HerOwnStory, targeted at increasing women’s participation in cycling.

#HerOwnStory is about tackling the level of women’s participation in cycling across all levels and having a frank and open conversation about the barriers to entry. It aims to inspire women to come together, claim the space they deserve and tell their stories to people everywhere in an effort to redress the gender imbalance in the sport.

As part of the #HerOwnStory campaign, Hutchinson has partnered with L’Etape du Tour de France to offer six women the opportunity to travel to France and complete the 30th edition of what it says is arguably the world’s most prestigious Gran Fondo. L’Etape will take place on the 10th July and will follow the same route as stage 12 of this year’s Tour de France.

To apply for one of the six places, simply fill out the form at Hutchinson said it wants to hear your stories of what first attracted you to the sport, the challenges you’ve had to overcome and what you think needs to be done to break down the barriers that are preventing more women from participating in cycling.

The six successful applicants will then be invited to tackle the event together, tell their story to the world and hopefully serve as an inspiration to more women to follow in their footsteps and take up the sport. Flights, accommodation and transfers will be provided.

Sylvie Woroniecki, global communications and brand manager of Hutchinson Cycling Dept., said: “More so than ever, brands have a responsibility to positively shape the future of sport – through encouragement and representation but also by endeavouring to ensure that every action the organisation takes is a step closer towards inclusivity and parity.

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“Through the #HerOwnStory campaign, we’re seeking to use our position as a partner of L’Etape du Tour to address the disproportion regarding the number of women participants in such events. We’re utilising our platform to provide space for women to ride, share their experiences and, we hope, inspire others to participate.

“I, personally, have been very lucky to have received encouragement from a broad spectrum of people throughout my own cycling journey so I understand the value of others sharing their experiences when it comes to improving inclusivity within the sport. We look forward to hearing and learning from the stories and ideas we’ll receive from a diverse group of applicants.”

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