'Inventor of high-end' BMX parts in the 80s back with modern take on product

Hutch BMX parts back in the UK with Tabletop Distribution

After many years of hard work from the new owners to re-invent the label, the Hutch BMX brand is back in the UK, alongside new distributors Tabletop.

American label Hutch were considered the pioneers of high-end parts in the 80s, becoming one of the first labels to offer a complete catalogue of parts outside frame and forks. The firm is credited with iconic parts such as the Beartrap pedals, Aerospeed cranks, Ladder bars, Donut seatclamp and 2in1 headlock.

While the new Pro Racer frame and fork takes all the visual cue’s from the original (looptail, Hutch brake bridge, etc) it is made to be raced. With modern geometry, V-brake mounts, a neat Tange MX-125 inspired Integrated headtube and a choice of 20.5, 21 or 21.5-inch toptube lengths it ticks all the boxes. Retail price is £425.00.

Tabletop will initially offer to dealers throughout Europe Hutch Pro Racer 20-inch frame and fork sets, handlebars and headsets which are in transit now expected December. Dealer pre-order forms are available now for this limited run.

Tabletop’s Alan Woods said: "I flew out to meet with Hutch’s new owners in Wisconsin back in April and have to say it couldn’t be in better hands. It’s taken a heck of a lot to get everything to come together for this brand to exist again. While the line acknolweges it’s roots, the brand is also relevant for the modern market and we look forward to taking this brand into the future."

Woods has also inked a deal to become the importer of Kashimax saddles, also big in the 80s. Made to highest standard still in Japan these will appeal to the fixed wheel crowd as well as the large number of BMX restorer’s here in the UK. The BMX Aero is right up there as a BMX icon along with Araya rims, Shimano DX pedals and Comp III tyres.

Tabletop: 01942 244999

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