Hubtiger launches new rental software for retailers

Hubtiger, the cloud-based service and repair software for bicycle retailers, has expanded its portfolio with a new application aimed at streamlining rentals.

The new Rental Software is built to accommodate fleets of all sizes, making it the “ideal solution” for rental shops looking to optimise their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

By leveraging Hubtiger’s technology, retailers can manage their rental fleet, automate booking processes, and provide improved customer communication.

Embedding the Hubtiger booking widget to the website is designed to enhance the customer’s booking experience with easier browsing, real-time availability checks, and a simplified booking process.

Hubtiger also allows retailers to create, send, and store online waivers, streamlining the rental process and reducing paperwork.

The software can provide automated confirmation messages containing essential details, such as rental dates, pickup and return locations, and any special instructions.

With the integration of Stripe, customers can also make deposits or upfront payments when booking online.

Rental shops also have the flexibility to use the rental software with their existing Hubtiger Repair Software or use it independently, giving them control over their operations and the ability to enhance the rental experience for their customers.

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Hubtiger was launched in 2018 after CEO and Co-Founder, Stuart Blyth’s own experience as a bike shop customer.

He identified a need for a solution to bring bike shops up to a level comparable to most other industries around the world. Since then, Hubtiger has undergone significant evolution as the team works collaboratively with industry members to gain insight into how stores operate and what they need.

Blyth said: “I was going into stores and they were still writing everything down on paper. They were selling these beautiful, premium bikes, but recording all their services on paper.”

To learn more about Hubtiger’s Rental Software, visit

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