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How online is the bike trade? Who’s gonna cough cash for the ’02 Sourcebook?

368 people filled in and returned the questionnaire enclosed with the BikeBizBible (about ten are arriving per day now). As there were 2419 B3’s sent out that’s a response rate, to date, of 15.21 percent.

Not brilliant but well within the boundaries of statistical accuracy.

To test the robustness of the figures, the percentages of the first one hundred questionnaires to be databased are given below in addition to the percentages derived from the 368 replies.


86.14 percent of the British bike trade is online, either at home or work.

6.25 percent will be online within the year

7.8 percent see no current need for the internet in their business


37.2 percent have never been on

17.1 percent have been on once or a few times

19.29 go on one or more times per month

12.5 percent visit weekly

13.8 percent visit daily.


19.56 of the trade have never bought The Cyclists’ Sourcebook and may still be using the one sent free five or so years ago

18.2 percent have never bought one and were never sent one free all those years ago

34.7 percent bought a Sourcebook a few years ago

27.44 percent buy one every year


7.33 percent of the trade will buy the next Sourcebook

66.57 percent definitely won’t be buying the next Sourcebook

26.03 percent still have yet to decide whether they’ll pay for the Sourcebook due in March or hold out for the free B3 published at the same time


82.7 percent of readers of BicycleBusiness think the SpokesMan column at the back of the magazine is either good or very good.

17.3 percent feel the column is either poor or average.


The results from the first 100 questionnaires were as follows:

83 percent of the British bike trade is online, either at home or work.

38 percent have never been on

19 percent have been on once or a few times

13 percent visit weekly

14 percent visit daily.

70 percent of the British bike trade will not pay for The Cyclists’ Sourcebook (including the majority of people who used to buy one every year).

17 percent of BicycleBusiness readers think Spokesman is poor (or won’t say). The rest think he’s good or very good.


According to the questionnaire results, 25 percent of bods in the British bike trade access this site on a weekly or daily basis. However, there are more visitors than that.

There were 10 209 unique visitors in the last two and a half weeks of September, the time period when our internal stats service was fired up via the new server. Of these there are about 40 hardcore users who access the site multiple times daily.

There are an enormous amount of US visitors to this site, and other nationalities too, including many from Taiwan, Germany and the Netherlands.

There have been 4377 unique visitors in the first eight days of October, an average of 547 a day.

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