And bicycle sales in Britain are second only to Germany in Europe, says new official statistics

How much is the average price of a bike in the UK? £242

Statistics from COLIPED and COLIBI have revealed that the average price of a bicycle in the UK is €280, or around £242.

The figure means that in 2010 the UK trailed eight other European countries in its pricing for bicycles.

Topping the table by a huge margin is the Netherlands, where the average price of a bicycle is €745. Dropping €285 to second place, Germany’s average price is €460.

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden and Finland are third to eight in the table, with average prices ranging from €400 to €300.

The prices are inclusive of VAT.

Bicycle sales in the UK

The report throws further light on the state of the UK cycle industry. Bicycle sales in Britain are currently second only to Germany.

3,640,000 bikes were sold in the UK last year, closing the gap on Germany, which saw 4,010,000 bikes sold in the same period. France (3,031,000), Italy (1,771,000) and the Netherlands (1,213,000) took third, fourth and fifth spot in terms of bikes sold.

The figure of 3,640,000 units represents a seven per cent rise from 2009’s 3,400,000 bikes and 2008’s 3,311,000.

COLIPED is the association of the European Two-wheeler Parts and Accessories Industry, COLIBI represents the European Bicycle Industry. The associations say that their combined membership represents around 75 per cent of European bicycle production (in units) and more than 76 per cent of the European P&A production (in value). Eighty-four per cent of European bicycle sales (in units) are realised in COLIBI-COLIPED member countries.

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