How has cyclists’ behaviour changed during COVID-19?

Cycling Insight has surveyed 258 UK cyclists to determine changes in behaviour as a result of COVID-19.

As the UK slowly emerges from lockdown, the question remained whether cyclists felt confident in visiting their local bike stores, if they had increased their time outdoors or kept to indoor training only, and whether they believed their local council was doing enough in light of the cycling boom.

Of the 258 random sampled cyclists surveyed, 74% described themselves as road cyclists and the largest age demographic at 31% was 45-54.

The study revealed:

– 66% of cyclists are cycling more since lockdown started
– 19% have started cycling indoors with ‘No Platform’ being the main preference

– 43% of cyclists are less inclined to go to their local store primarily due to risk of infection
– 50% haven’t changed their spending habits whilst 41% have been buying more

– 63% don’t believe their local council is doing enough to support cycling infrastructure
– 61% believe more people will start cycling because of COVID-19

The full report includes access to graphs for all quantitative questions.

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