Polaris and Pro-lite part ways

Hotlines to carry Pro-Lite

Hotlines has linked up with Pro-Lite to become its UK distribution partner.

Pro Lite is owned and managed by ex-pro and GB racer Steve Fenton, who since 2000, claims to have grown the brand to become the largest hand built wheel manufacturer in the world.

Steve Fenton was keen to point out the benefits of the new arrangement for the UK: “We’re delighted to have Hotlines on board as they will be able to offer the fast delivery and stock holding in the UK that we require. Hotlines are prepared to offer an unparalleled commitment to the brand and can offer the back-up and customer service that we know is vital to the development of any brand in the UK.”

Hotlines will be setting up a dedicated Pro Lite service centre to handle all service and maintenance requirements, both for the UK and overseas customers.

Pro-Lite wheels are praised for achieving an enhanced power transfer due to a higher spoke tension that can be achieved in its hand built wheels. By manufacturing all parts in house, including spokes, Pro-lite wheels can be built with 30 per cent more tension in the wheel. The benefit of this is a stiffer wheel, better power transfer, and consequently a faster ride.

Polaris and Pro-Lite have now ceased their distribution partnership.

Polaris owner Roger Dillon commented:“Distributing Pro-Lite for the past three years has been a good exercise for us and opened a few doors in areas which haven’t traditionally been our core market. Combined with the recent pressures of coping with higher import prices, we have decided now is the time to concentrate our efforts on growing the Polaris name in both the home and export market. We enjoyed our time working with Pro-Lite and wish them well in the future."

Hotlines: 0131 319 1444

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