Kris Hollund, MBUK's publisher and Bike show supremo for the past year and a half, is being relocated within the Future group. Jon Bickley moves up a notch to replace him. Both Bickley and Hollund have given the nod for pro-MTBing events throughout 2002, including a new BSX series and a co-branded jump/trials demo team for rolling out at non-cycling, mass-market events

Hollund leaves MBUK but with plans in place to boost MTB awareness

Future’s MBUK is to be a media partner in the Red Bull Mountain Mayhem and is also sponsoring the Enduro 6 event at Trentham Park in 2002. This is a six round BSX series at four events called the MBUK Bikercross Series

This is in addition to being a sponsorship partner in the NPS Race Series.

The aim of the MBUK Bikercross Series series is to showcase some of the most exciting mountain bike racing in front or large targeted audiences to encourage more people in to the sport, Hollund told

The four events will be The Bike Show, Gold Coast Oceanfest, National Adventure Sports Show with the final rounds at Newnham Park, all organised in partnership with Martyn Salt of Newnham Park.

"The potential audience reached with these four events is in excess of 120,000. The target for this series is to launch a round in a city centre to really draw attention to the sport, but is going to take a bit of planning and is probably achievable in 2003," said Hollund.

And MBUK has also joined forces with Animal to create the Animal/MBUK Demo Team, who will specialise in jump/play and trials riding. This team will strut their stuff at windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, and snowdome events as well as radio roadshow and shopping centre events. IBDs could also book the team for store-openings and other promotions.

The Animal/MBUK Demo Team will include Martyn Ashton and Steve Geal. Ashton leaves Volvo Canonndale and will be riding specifically for Animal/MBUK.

"They can concentrate on enticing as many people into the sport as possible," said Hollund.

"There are many other events and activities that are still in the planning but 2002 will be a busy year for MBUK in doing as much as it can to grow the size of the mountain bike market. Both Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike have had great years in 2001 and will continue on their growth pattern in 2002 backed up by some of the best editorial people in the business."

However, Hollund will not be around to see through his plans:

"It is with heavy heart that I announce that I am leaving the Future Publishing Bike Portfolio to work in another area of Future’s business at the request of the CEO, Colin Morrison. It has been a great year and a half working on such good magazines that have editorial staff committed to encouraging people to enjoy biking in whatever format they ride and commercial teams that aim to maximise business opportunities for their clients.

"Effective from January 2nd, I shall be replaced by Jon Bickley who is a group publisher at Future Publishing. He has been my manager for most of my time on the bikes portfolio so is now stranger to the titles. The [activities we have planned are] fully supported by him in our constant drive to attract new people into the market."

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