Helmet Angel add-on seeks to block wind noise while cycling

A Durham company has launched a device which clamps on to helmet straps to block wind noise while cycling. Hanaido is selling the Helmet Angel device direct to consumers "but will be looking at avenues to the trade as we progress," said a company statement.

The shell-like Helmet Angel was created by David Crampton who was once "spooked" by a close-pass from a lorry that, because of wind noise, he didn’t know was coming. The event caused him to fall from his bike and he subsequently developed his device.

"The aerodynamic shape of the Helmet Angel shell helps the wind stream past at a much lower volume," promises the Helmet Angel website. As well as blocking noise, the padded Helmet Angel device will also keep ears warm in the cold.

"In tests, the shells have been proven to help cyclists determine the direction of approaching traffic much more easily, particularly traffic coming up behind them," claims the company.

The shells cost £14.95 for a pair.

The concept is not new – the US-produced Cats Ears helmet-mounted wind-blocking product has been available since 2012.

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