The three-store Wheelie Serious group of London - including Covent Garden Cycles - appears to have ceased trading. Two suppliers managed to repossess stock before Christmas. Owner Debbie Demeritte, a former ACT board member, cannot be contacted because none of the Wheelie Serious phone numbers work anymore and she is not answering emails

Has high-profile IBD bitten the dust?

Suppliers have yet to receive definitive news on whether the Wheelie Serious shops in Covent Garden and Wimbledon have ceased trading. The lease on the Wheelie Serious shop in Marylebone expired at the end of 2001 and it was known this shop would be closed.

Some former Wheelie Serious staff members have landed jobs with other London IBDs already.

The Covent Garden shop is closed but has no notice posted to the door stating why it is closed. The Wimbledon shop has a notice on the door saying it will re-open within a fortnight, but includes no contact details to verify this claim.

Wheelie Serious was operated as a partnership with Debbie Demeritte as the most visible partner.

Major suppliers such as Specialized UK have yet to be officially told the shops have ceased trading but the company was able to repossess stock on 21st December, along with one other major accessories supplier.

Debbie Demeritte stood down as an ACT board member at last year’s October AGM. The Wheelie Serious website ceased to operate its ecommerce section in October.

The three-store chain has been on credit-watch with its major suppliers for the past 18 months.

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