Other complaints about the TV ad have been delivered directly to Halfords. The Independent Television Commission could call for the ad to be pulled before the next scheduled run in July.

Halfords’ chimp ad attracts 75 complaints to the ITC

The ITC has confirmed that they have launched an investigation into the recent TV commercial by Halfords following complaints about its use of chimpanzees.

The commercial, which has now finished its two week slot but is due to be re-run in July, features chimpanzees dressed in tracksuits riding bikes and fettling cars, with the strap-line "because you pay peanuts, we give you monkeys."

Craig Redmond, campaigns officer at the Captive Animals’ Protection Society which has led calls for the telly ad to be pulled, said:

"Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals with highly complex needs and should not

be subjected to the humiliation and distress of being dressed up and trained to perform in this manner which clearly seeks to ridicule them.

"All the leading primate experts oppose the commercial use of chimps in this way."

CAPS have produced campaign materials featuring the slogan ‘On Your Bike Halfords!’, and is co-ordinating nationwide protests at some Halfords stores.




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