Bloomberg calculations of US Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that translators - and bike mechanics - have a steady future.

Growth job of the future: bike mechanic

According to Business Week, the fastest-growing professions in the US include home-health aide, translator and event planner. But, perhaps not surprisingly given the current strength of the ‘bikeconomy’, the profession of bike mechanic is also on the list of fastest growing jobs in the US.

Business Week based its article on Bloomberg calculations of Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The job of bike mechanic was ranked as the 22nd fastest-growing category. Business Week noted "In 2011, the U.S. Department of Transportation allocated $790.8 million for bike lanes and sidewalks." [The mag didn’t add that much of this funding has now been cut].

The average salary of a bike mechanic is $23,660, said Business Week.

Joe “Toast” LaCroix, a mechanic at The Hub bike co-op in Minneapolis, was quoted in the article:

“I like mechanical things. Practical problem-solving appeals to me. That makes it interesting to come to work every day. I make $25,000 a year. It’s enough to live—not extravagantly.”


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