EPOS integrates with research giant and signs up to anti-bike theft system

Citrus-Lime teams up with GfK and Bike Secure ‘log book’ scheme

EPOS and Ecommerce specialist Citrus-Lime has unveiled two new features to its system – integration with the ‘log book’ anti cycle theft BikeSecure system and, separately, with GfK Group.

With the growing popularity of cycling in the UK, the threat of an accompanying rise in cycle theft has led firms to come up with methods of bike crime prevention. Recently launched BikeSecure is an ‘online bike log’ which, crucially, enables customers to register their unique bike or frame serial number at the point of purchase.

Citrus-Lime will be supporting this registration process as part of its EPOS solution and deployed to all our retail customers free of charge, helping to support the spread of BikeSecure across the UK.

In addition, Citrus-Lime is now working with one of the world’s best known market research companies – GfK – to provide retail customers with regular performance reporting, enabling them to compare their business and consumer trends against the rest of the UK Cycle market.

“Typically the cost to access such a wealth of market data is well beyond the budget of IBD’s, easily running into the thousands," said Citrus-Lime marketing executive Andrew Thomas. "With Citrus-Lime’s move to support GfK’s Groups data pool, our customers can profit from this incredibly valuable market data for free.”

The integration also helps dealers be competitive, Citrus-Lime added: "Ultimately this equips our retail customers to remain at the competitive edge of the UK cycle market, empowering them to profit from shifts in consumer habits, counter slumps in revenue and position their business for the future.

"Integration is a keystone for all modern EPOS solutions. Not only does Citrus-Lime offer an extensive EPOS & Ecommerce solution that unites all of your sales channels, we also proactively develop our integration into third parties such as Ebay, Amazon, Google Shopping and Supplier databases via our SIM software."

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