Training days on offer for retailers

Greyville dealers sign up to Suntour service classes

Retailers with a Greyville account have been invited to sign up to two Suntour Service days following the success of a training day during February.

Attended by dealers and mechanics from around the country at Greyville’s office, the participants were treated to the expertise of Christian Salmen, SR Suntour’s service trainer, in a three-hour intense training session.

Attendees were shown the tricks of the trade used for dealing with everything from standard services to coping with difficult cases when forks haven’t been maintained properly. The dealers who signed up to the initial training session were also the first to take advantage of Greyville’s SR Suntour Sales and Service Programme.

Concrete dates are yet to be announced. Brand manager Paul Hinton said: “Tentative dates are set for some time in May and July. Nothing concrete at the moment as we need to see where the interested dealers are coming from as we have a choice of venues. For example, we may hold the May date in the South and July in the North.”

Programme features:
The stocking of SR Suntour’s higher-end fork models.
A test rig to allow customers to try out forks in store.
Supply of specialist tools to carry out services.
Stock of spares, and 24-hour delivery of uncommon spares.
Window stickers to promote fork service in store.
Inclusion of dealer contacts on Greyville’s website, when consumers are looking at SR Suntour products.
All future purchases at ‘Rate 2’.
POS material.
Participation in promotion competitions for consumers.

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