2014 range will be IBD only, confirms the distributor, with a demo tour planned for August/September

Greenover takes on Rocky Mountain

Distribution for MTB brand Rocky Mountain has moved exclusively to Greenover in time for the 2014 product line-up.

The brand, which has ‘a lot of love in the UK’, signed the deal with Greenover earlier this year in preparation for the new bikes arriving in August and September.

Dealers are being sought for the 2014 range and Greenover told BikeBiz it will be out on the road in August with a demo tour planned for September and October. The distributor confirmed it will be limiting the number of dealers but ‘without doubt it is an IBD brand only’.

Greenover’s Dan Maker told BikeBiz: “It is a pretty natural fit as I have known the brand for quite a while whilst being in the cycle industry. Pretty much anyone that has been in this industry for a while will have a Rocky story, there is a lot of love for the brand in the UK and as a massive fan myself I found it hard to turn down the opportunity.

“It is important to all that the product be serviced well here and we felt that we needed to earn this trust with the consumer and the dealer alike before heading too much into setting up new dealers.”

Maker praised the brand’s competitive pricing and following, but said there is work to be done to gain dealer and consumer trust: “Rocky Mountain is a great brand with as much heritage as any out there but I’ll admit that it has had a chequered history of distribution in the UK and I am aware that it is up to me and Rocky on working hard to gain the confidence and trust of the consumer and dealer.

"Those are our challenges and aims going forward but with the product range as it is now, the better more competitive pricing and the undoubtedly huge Rocky fan base out there I am convinced that it will be a success for everyone that gets involved. It is a pretty unique offering in this crowded market place, maybe a uniqueness that gives it a competitive edge.”

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