Ultrakleen Sports explains how its products are not only environmentally friendly, but can also save bike workshops time and increase productivity. Jonathon Harker asks the questions...

GREEN PROFILE: Ultrakleen Sports

Can you give us some background to the company?
Ultrakleen Sports supplies ultrasonic machines to the manufacturing industry and has now branched out into sports equipment. We currently provide machines for scuba diving, cycling, skating and golf.

Can you tell us about your product range?
Ultrasonics are high frequency sound waves that create powerful bubbles in water that implode on contact with solid surfaces and drive dirt away.

We supply multiple size ultrasonic baths. The small versions can clean a part at a time and are perfect for small workshops, clubs and enthusiasts. The medium sized baths can clean multiple parts at a time and are ideal for small/medium workshops. The large version can basically clean all drive train components at once and is a perfect addition for the busy workshop.

Can you explain how your products are green?

We use the power of ultrasonics together with mild biodegrable degreasers (which are EU certified) to get parts cleaned. No petro-chemicals and no CFCs are required. In addition the cleaning solution is concentrated and is diluted with water by the client to reduce both transport and packaging.

Why should bike retailers stock your product?
Firstly, it is a labour saving device for workshops. Parts are removed from the bike and placed in the ultrasonic bath which does the cleaning in under five minutes. As it saves in labour it reduces costs, increases productivity and allows for a better service for the customer.

Our products have been tried and tested on the material used on bicycles and they are safe to use on soft metals such as aluminium, carbon fibres, steel and plastics.

Will you be creating any more green products for the trade?
We have just released a ready-to-use emulsifying degreaser spray. This is to be used as a pre-wash for parts with old dry grease before they are put in the ultrasonic bath, but can also be sold to customers as a degreaser. Again it is fully biodegradable.

Ninetyfive Limited
(Trading as Ultrakleen Sports)
74 Winchester Road, Twickenham, TW1 1LB
Telephone: 0845 474 7786
Email: enquiries@ultrakleensports.com

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