South coast resort clamps down on offending bikers

69 cyclists caught speeding in Bournemouth

According to this report on the BBC, 69 cyclists were caught speeding during a sting operation on Bournemouth seafront in June.

Over four days Dorset Police, in conjunction with Bournemouth Borough Council, caught riders topping the 10mph speed limit and handed out safety advice to the offending cyclists.

In high season – July and August – promenade cycling is restricted to before 10am and after 6pm, with a weighty £1,000 fine handed out for transgressors.

Charmaine Andrews, seafront development officer, said: "We received a large number of positive comments regarding this safety initiative and hope that it has raised awareness amongst cyclists of the dangers of speeding on the seafront, to both themselves and pedestrians.

"We want to encourage cyclists to use the seafront, but we want them to take care in doing so and watch their speed."

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