Visit stand LB724 to check out seven-product (and free seeds) bundle

Green Oil to launch Eco Rider pack at London Bike Show

Green Oil is set to launch what it calls the Eco Rider Deluxe Set at the London Bike Show, beginning tomorrow at Excel.

The BikeBiz Award winning brand has boxed together seven of its top products in a set retailing for £34.99. The ‘bucket’ includes:

– Green Clean bike cleaner 1 litre
– Ecosponge for frame cleaning
– Green Oil chain lube 100ml
– Clean Chain degreaser 100ml
– Ecogrease 100ml
– Green Oil Bicycle Brush for wheel and sprocket cleaning (FSC certified)
– Bioplastic stickers

Unlike the rest of the Green Oil range, the Eco Rider Deluxe set bucket is difficult to recycle – its is made from Polypropylene, or ‘plastic type 5’ to most people, which most councils cannot recycle. However, to solve this issue, Green Oil UK has gone down the ‘re-use’ route – aiming to get people to re-use their Eco-Rider Deluxe set bucket to grow salad and herbs.

To further encourage the re-use of the bucket, the firm has included either Sald Rocket, or Sweet Genovese Basil seeds in each unit.

Director of Green Oil Simon Nash told BikeBiz: “We are proud to be including herb and salad seeds with the Eco-Rider Deluxe sets. This will encourage riders to grow their own food, and give them something to put in their sandwiches on the next ride.”

BikeBiz recently interview Nash in an article found here.

Upgrade now distributes Green Oil products in the UK. Visit stand LB724 at the London Bike Show for a first-hand look at Green Oil’s products.

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