The targets set by the National Cycling Strategy will not be met unless regional development agencies do more to encourage and provide for cyclists, claims CTC. The Government target is to quadruple the number of journeys by bike by 2012

Government target to increase cycle usage will not be met, warns CTC

The CTC is warning that regional transport plans have earmarked too little cash for projects that improve facilities for cyclists, and walkers, concentrating instead

on large scale schemes for roads, buses and rail services.

Whilst improvements in public transport are essential if car dependence is to be reduced, cycling has a key role to play if brave words from the government on integrated transport are to be turned into actions by agencies responsible for implementing development plans, said a statement from CTC.

The warning follows the publication of a report by the Council for the Protection of Rural

England that reveals little investment in measures to meet road traffic reduction targets which regional agencies and local authorities are responsible for setting.

CTC says that the government has failed to put sufficient pressure on regional agencies to invest in projects to promote cycling and walking and CTC wants the next round of funding settlements to reward authorities that do.

David Simper, CTC campaigns and policy manager, said: "Our benchmarking project has shown that local authorities can and are promoting cycling and installing facilities for cyclists. Regional agencies should follow their example and add their contribution toreducing car dependence."

The National Cycling Strategy was created by the Conservative government in 1996. Its target was to quadruple the number of journeys by bike by 2012 from a two percent base.

In last year’s Ten Year Transport Plan the Labour government admitted that the interim 2002 target of doubling the number of journeys cycled would not be met but retained the 2012 objective.

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