‘1057’ is a compact, new photography book containing arty images of painted bicycle road markings. Sounds dull, but it’s such a well-produced, quirky little tome that cerebral bike enthusiasts will gladly fork out the £10 asking price. Bargain.

Got any ‘arty’ customers? They’ll love this book

1057 is the code number from the Traffic Regulations 1982 concerning how a bicycle should be painted on a cycle route.

However, those workers responsible for road markings tend to interpret the official template in wildly differing ways.

Philip Carter noticed this and starting photographing the results.

In the foreford – the only text in the whole book – Carter wrote:

“These painted bikes have evolved into fantasy contraptions blissfully ignorant of the laws of mechanics, instruments of torture unable to be ridden, whilst those with missing parts echo the reality of bike ownership in an urban environment….They turn the humble cycle lane into a gallery of the bizarre, the charming and the comical”

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