Tim and Helen Flooks have handed the keys to the famous Rock Shox race support truck to Tyrone Dines and Julia DeSimone. The handover happened at the recent Roc d'Azur MTB event in France. Dines and DeSimone will not just be schlepping all across Europe supporting pro racers, they'll be attending public events such as the Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle enduro and Red Bull MTB events

Goodbye Tim and Helen; hello Tyrone and Julia

Dines has left his job in the Madison warranty and tech department and is now employed by Rock Shox USA.

A former diesel fitter and rescue diver, Dines is looking forward to the challenge of following in the footsteps (and truck stops) of Tim and Helen Flooks.

Rock Shox was ideally looking for a couple to take on the job and Dines and his partner DeSimone fitted the bill perfectly.

DeSimone is from north east Italy and can speak Italian (obviously), English and German. She’s currently doing a French language course, as well as taking HGV lessons.

Dines already has his HGV licence.

As well as travelling to twenty major European race events in the repainted truck, Dines and DeSimone will be ramping up the support offered to Rock Shox distributors and retailers:

"We want to be more visible to our distributors," he told bikebiz.co.uk yesterday as he was giving tech demonstrations to the trainers at the Aylesbury Training Group.

Tim and Helen Flooks have been the Rock Shox tech support team for seven years and announced their departure in March. At the time, Tim Flooks said the declining MTB race scene might mean Rock Shox would not continue with European tech support. However, with the widening of the remit given to Dines and DeSimone, the joint role was clearly felt to be one worth filling.


There will be an article on the work and plans of the Aylesbury Training Group in the December BicycleBusiness. The November issue of the magazine is due out on Saturday.

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