Thing is, the Shadow Bike isn't new so why is Gizmodo going gaga over last year's tech?

Geek tech sites plug new wireless e-bike

In March last year, Daymak, a company registered in Canada, put out a press release for its wireless e-bike which, via USB, could charge iPhones.

Earlier today a whole bunch of geek tech sites have copied each other to post "news" about this bike. [UPDATE: 1st March – now even Reuters is running with a story].

Gizmag, Gizmodo, Clean Technica and many other tech blogs are falling over themselves to wax lyrical about an e-bike with heavy batteries in its wheels.

You know, a bit like MIT’s Copenhagen wheel of 2009 and which finally goes into production in June 2011. 

Daymak’s Shadowbike was slated for a June 2010 launch, according to the Mach 2010 press release. The company website now says the launch will be in April 2011.

Hope they improve their welds: close-ups of the bike don’t inspire confidence.

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