Survey says sheer enjoyment of cycling beats saving money on petrol in top reasons to get on two wheels

Fun tops reasons to cycle, says YouGov report

While media reports tend to spend plenty of time stressing the savings and benefits of cycling over more sedentary travel – like getting in a car – ‘enjoyment’ has been proved to be the main reason why people get on their bike, so says a new YouGov survey.

‘Keeping fit’ closely follows ‘fun’ as reasons to pedal, while saving money and environmental reasons polled significantly lower (see table below).

Experienced survey firm YouGov polled UK consumers that ‘follow and participate’ or ‘don’t follow, but participate’ the sport of cycling.

“While the tangible benefits of cycling, such as saving money, are acknowledged by the nationally representative group as motivations to cycle, it is clear that more could be done to promote the more ethereal aspects such as stress relief," commented 
YouGov SixthSense research director James McCoy.

"Here, campaigns to encourage employees to try commuting by bicycle, say, for just a week would be ideal."

Those statistics in full:

The report is part of a wider piece of research into the UK bicycle industry, but to see the rest of that you’ll have to stump up £1,750.

With a lack of open, independent statistics on the UK bicycle market there’s little wonder why we’re seeing companies compiling reports like this one and then charging for them. Other firms offering such reports include the likes of Mintel and Allegra. With the current interest in the cycle market, there will doubtless be more in the near future.

The nearest we’ve got to official stats are combined by Coliped and Colipi. More on that here.

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