Free2cycle CEO comments on pothole ‘epidemic’

In response to the AA’s pothole epidemic report, free2cycle CEO, Eric Craig has released a statement commenting on the verdict.

Craig said: “The AA’s report into the damage caused by potholes is an eye-opener; however it also misses a serious point. Whilst cars may be sustaining significant damage, no mention has been made of another mainstay of our roads, cyclists.

“Arguably, potholes pose far more risk to those on two wheels, as they cause people to come off their bikes, catapulting them into oncoming traffic. In 2015, 46 cyclists were killed due to potholes alone, showing that they’re more than an inconvenience – they threaten lives.

“Despite the Department for Transport’s protestations, more needs to be done, quicker. If we want to encourage people to get off the sofa and exercise, thereby alleviating the weighty obesity issue crippling our NHS, we need people not to be put off cycling. This means removing potential obstacles, such as potholes.

“At free2cycle, we’re actively sharing data with councils on the number of cyclists using routes to help them understand congestion and infrastructure demand. This means pothole hotspots should then be prioritised, if councils can see a palpable threat posed to vulnerable road users. We must act soon, otherwise our road surfaces will soon be unfit for purpose.”

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