Free2Cycle aims to ‘revolutionise’ cycle to work schemes

Free2Cycle is a new initiative based workplace cycle scheme designed to support employees who choose cycling as a preferred means of transport.

The scheme – which aims to enforce a behavioural change in the process of commuting – is initiated by employers who can sign up to Free2Cycle online. Each participating employee enters their planned commute mileage and based on the number of miles they have individually committed to, employees are offered a free bike of their choice. The bike is then ordered from the supplier of choice, delivered to a supplier authorised retailer before it is provided to the customer.

It is then down to the employee to earn the bicycle he/she chooses by cycling the pledged mileage to and from work, effectively paying for the bike through ‘pedal power’. Without having to pay any upfront costs, the employer contributes 20p per commute mile achieved by their employee and receives a monthly report on carbon savings.

CEO of Free2Cycle Eric G Craig commented: “Free2Cycle resets the paradigm. In contrast to current cycle schemes that are not available to all employees, it aims to dramatically increase the number of cyclists on the roads throughout the country. “

“For employees who meet or exceed their personal mileage pledge, the bike is not only free but Free2Cycle sets itself apart from other business models by rewarding their progress. This benefits both employees, employer and the whole cycling community as it keeps Britain cycling.”

The scheme was devised in 2016 when the co-founders discussed the concept of giving bikes away for free and encouraging people to use them. “We were debating the problems that our society faces with the lack of physical exercise and growing problems of obesity, traffic congestion and the environment,” explains Craig.

“When looking for a positive and realistic way for the UK to address these issues, we realised that the solution was to get more people to ride bikes.” Eric and his team then became determined to unlock the estimated seven million employees in Britain who are not currently cycling to work but potentially could and would benefit from doing so.

Driving business back to the high street, the Free2Cycle business model is designed to stimulate business for suppliers, retailers and service providers by appealing to a much broader market.

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