Bosch eBike Systems joins ECF's CIC.

Founded by a cyclist in 1886 Bosch now joins Cycling Industry Club

Bosch eBike Systems has joined the Cycling Industry Club, an industry collective created by the European Cyclists’ Federation. Bosch might be the world’s largest car-accessories company but it was founded by a cyclist. In the 1890s, founder Robert Bosch used a bicycle to visit his customers. “It not only got him there faster, but also saved him money,” says a Bosch corporate history.

Claus Fleischer, head of Bosch eBike Systems, said: "By joining the Cycling Industry Club we support the ECF in its commitment. Together with other leading industry players we strongly advocate a cycling policy that is in keeping with the times.

Bosch makes e-bike drive units (motor and gearbox) and other e-bike components. 

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