Miche’s IBD exclusive Wheel Test Programme returns for 2016 for the all-new SWR carbon clincher road wheelset.

Chicken CycleKit and Miche invite retailers to Venice

Chicken CycleKit is inviting dealers on a visit to the Miche factory in Italy.

The Wheel Test Programme allows the dealer to purchase two wheelsets, one at half price for test use – complete with various freehub bodies for different groupsets.

Miche’s SWR RC wheelset has had a major upgrade for 2016, with new graphics, stiffer hubs and thru-axle compatibility. The test package comes with a freestanding POS unit to display the wheels and ensures maximum exposure in store.

Each test dealer is invited to join the company at the Miche factory in Treviso, with a day spent in Venice sightseeing.

Richard Paige owner of The Green Jersey in Clitheroe said:Miche was a new brand for us when we visited the factory. I was amazed to see just how much of the production was carried out in house, lots of robots, CNC machines and wheel building machines. The amount of work that went into even the lowest priced items was quite staggering.

"Since the factory tour we have become ardent Miche fans, Miche are now our best selling wheelsets. It’s easy to sell a product to your customers that you are passionate about and have confidence in – that is what the Miche factory tour give us”. 

The event takes place in Venice from the 20th to the 21st of April, and those interested in attending are advised to call Jason Smith in the sales office on 01525 381347.

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