Tiny grub screw offers quick brake removal

Fly re-invents the removable brake lug

Fly Bikes has leaked shots of its solution to the ever changing braking trends of BMX riders.

With many riders choosing to opt out of running brakes, Fly has come up with a removable lug, which is held into the frame with a small grub screw. When undone, the entire lug slips out of the frame, along with the attached brake, making it ideal for those who run a brake at the trails, but not at the skate park.

The Bicycle Association is currently looking into drawing up separate quality standards for BMX bikes and one of the areas particularly in focus will be braking standards on 20-inchers.

Fly Bikes product is distributed in the UK via IMG.

In more BMX news, Seventies has posted leaked shots of next season’s Kink components, which can also be viewed on the brand’s website.

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